20151118 - Kelvin & Lyn

Kelvin and Lyn Fisher have been clients of Profusion Planning for some time now and with the help of Brendon, Financial Adviser, they have recently retired with confidence. We sat down with Kelvin and asked him a few questions about his amazing career, retirement and his plans for the future below:

  1. When did you retire and why? I retired on the 29th September 2015. After almost 45 years working in the courts, I felt ready to retire and enjoy the simple things of life.
  2. What was your profession before retirement? I commenced work initially with the Commonwealth bank for a very short period before joining what was then the Crown Law Department – now the Department of the Attorney General – as a clerk in the WA courts. After completing my studies, I was appointed as a Stipendiary Magistrate in 1982.
  3. What was one of the things that you learned from your career that you are happy to share with others? The lion’s share of my career has been spent in regional areas, and the South West of WA in particular, where I have been assisted through the efforts and commitment of many good people in the service to the community and people of WA. To my mind, there is an enduring quiet satisfaction to one’s service to the community in the hope that your efforts may have benefited the people and the community. Aside from one’s family, service to the community is everything, and one should do what you can to support the community and its people in any way that you are able, be it through your career or volunteer efforts.
  4. What advice did you give to your children when they were deciding what career path to take? Choose a career that made them happy and not one that they thought might make us happy.
  5. What advice would you give to others about using a financial adviser? Do not delay seeking financial advice in the early stages of your working life. Financial advice is not just about retirement it provides a pathway, a plan if you like, that gives you a comfortable satisfaction that your making good financial decisions supported by someone more knowledgeable in the area than yourself.
  6. You’ve been a client of Brendon’s from Profusion Planning for a while now, what is it that you value about his advice? Apart from Brendon’s endearing personality and professionalism, his knowledge and skills continue to be available to us. His skilful planning for us is such that we are confident of our financial future.
  7. How have you found the transition to retirement; has it been easy or difficult? Transition to retirement has been an easy process thanks to Brendon. It has also provided an opportunity to build wealth through Brendon’s guidance and foresight.
  8. Some recently retired professionals have a list a mile long of all the activities/odd jobs they want to do. How long is your list? What is on it? We think we must have the longest list ever, but we have begun some of the catch-up tasks. Our list includes spending more time with our children and family; home maintenance; fishing; golfing; motor biking; enjoying the company of friends and all without being bound by “work days”.
  9. You live in one of the most beautiful places in Western Australia, Bunbury. What do you like about living there? Bunbury is a fabulous location. We have wonderful friendships. We are close to waterways, golf courses, Perth; the vineyards, etc. of the South West and all to be enjoyed in an ideal climate and take-it-easy lifestyle.
  10. Another thing that recently retired people like to do is travel. Do you have any trips coming up soon? We are planning to travel to the East (Melbourne & Sydney) in March 2015 and to complete a postponed trip to Europe in May 2016. We then plan to do whatever spontaneously happens.


Thank you, Kelvin, for sharing your story, and we wish you and Lyn safe travels for 2016!