‘Grown Ups’

‘Grown Ups’

The ‘Grown-Ups’ – 30 – 45 years

You’ve now moved into the ‘dreaded 30’s’ and have been officially classified by your former self as being WAY old! But what the younger, cooler version of yourself doesn’t know is that you have now established a stronger career and have obtained a taste for the finer things in life.  However as someone once said, with power comes great responsibility! You now probably have a lot more going on in life – a significant mortgage, young children, investments, superannuation, work travel, all while still trying to fit in the ‘Fun’ stuff.


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Some of the benefits you may receive by addressing the focus areas above include:

  • Effective allocation of your income and a plan that is aligned with your own personal goals (both financial and lifestyle)
  • Proactive taxation planning. That is, a plan that ensures you are optimising your taxation position both personally, inside superannuation as well as with your direct investments
  • A correctly structured debt reduction plan that saves you significant interest cost
Profusion Planning
  • A correctly executed Estate Plan, inclusive of your instructions relating to guardianship
  • A ‘beefed-up’ investment plan, addressing your medium term investment needs as well as potential education funding
  • Updated insurances to ensure your, assets, income, young family and lifestyle are now included in your plan, minimising the impact of any unforeseen accident or illness
  • Confidence that you are making the most of your opportunities as well as access to a professional sounding board when you need it

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