Rod and Chris have been long-term clients of Profusion Planning and having retired nearly five years ago they are certainly living ‘the dream’. We sat down with them to understand what ‘living the dream’ means and to find out about retirement. Thank you Rod and Chris for sharing your story.

1. What is your favourite holiday destination and why?

We thoroughly enjoy visiting and feel at home in South East Asian countries; however, our favourite holiday destination is the small-unknown village of Batulumbung in Bali, Indonesia.

2. When you are away, what activities do you like to take part in or, do you prefer to relax by the water?

In Batulumbung we enjoy interacting with the local villagers and learning about their culture.  We appreciate the tranquillity and simplicity of life in this village.   This allows us to relax, catch up with our reading material and share our experience with our Australian friends. We also enjoy exploring Bali and the rest of Indonesia to learn about the history. The scenery is an added bonus.

 3. You retired nearly five years ago, what advice would you give to others who are nearing retirement?

 Don’t delay retiring from work. Push away the thought of, “We won’t have enough to retire on”.  Just retire and enjoy life!

 4. Fremantle or West Coast fan? Who will win the Grand Final?

We are not football fans; however, we lean towards the Dockers.

 5. You’ve been a valued client of Profusion Planning for many years, what is it about the advice that you have valued?

Our adviser, Stephen has the innate ability to understand our needs and to tailor his advice around them.  The advice we have received has resulted in us having a fantastic lifestyle in retirement.

 6. Why do you believe clients remain with Profusion Planning?

We can only speak for ourselves; that is, we remain with Profusion Planning because the team at Profusion Planning are very caring and keep us fully informed at all times of our financial planning requirements. Stephen and his team are always readily available to address our concerns. Stephen is not just our financial planner – he is a friend.

 7. What is the one piece of advice that you have been given during your life that you would hand down?

It is never too early to start planning for your retirement.

 8. What do you consider are the top three tourist destinations in Perth that any visitor should see?

Kings Park, the Fremantle tourist precinct, including the Maritime Museum, and the coastal strip from Port Beach to Hilary’s.

 9. Can you explain retirement in three words?

Life is bliss.


Thanks Rod & Chris!