A good time to review your insurance

Not a year goes by without some part of Australia being devastated by a natural disaster. Bushfires, floods, storms and tropical cyclones are a part of our lives. Unfortunately no one knows when or where the next disaster might strike so it’s impossible to prepare for an exact event. As another summer approaches, this is a good time to review your insurance cover to ensure your financial possessions are protected, as well as the security of you and your loved ones.

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Hope for the best, insure for the worst

Hope for the best insure for the worst: A recent article in The Australian by James Dunn highlights that many Australians are still under-insured, particularly with regards to life insurance. Given the financial stress that can be created through under-insurance, we encourage everyone to review their own personal circumstances to ensure their family is appropriately covered. Key points highlighted in the article include: Only 5% of Australians with dependent children have “adequate levels”...

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