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Who We Are

Get To Know Our Business

At Profusion Planning, we’re committed to building trusting, long-term relationships with our clients. After all, as life changes, you need a plan that’s flexible enough to change with it.

We are a dedicated, privately owned WA financial planning business that has our own Australian Financial Services Licence. This means we put our clients’ interests at the centre of our advice. We specialise in holistic advice, and offer a flat fee schedule, meaning you’ll have 100% transparency at every step of our process.

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The Team

Looking For An Adviser

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Fit & Flexible ‘Grown Ups’ Home Stretch Free & Easy Twilight
Who We Can Help

Where Are You In Life?

Fit & Flexible
(Under 30s)

With your first job under your belt and minimal debt, chances are you have great disposable income. But did you know improving your financial fitness now can have a massive impact on your future?

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‘Grown Ups’
(30 - 45 Years)

You've now moved into the 'dreaded 30's' and have been officially classified by your former self as being WAY old! But what the younger, cooler version of yourself doesn't know is that you have now established a stronger career and have obtained a taste for the finer things in life. However as someone once said, with power comes great responsibility! You now probably have a lot more going on in life.

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Home Stretch
(45 - 60 Years)

This is the time in life where you start to think a little more seriously about your pending retirement. For those that have children, you may also find that you start to get some freedom back now the kids are older or have left home. Financially, you're probably earning at your peak, the mortgage is in good shape and superannuation is much more on your radar.

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Free & Easy
(60 - 75 Years)

The kids are gone (hopefully), you’re free again and it’s time to start enjoying the fruits of your labour! This stage is all about setting up the last push to retirement and then ensuring your have the correct structure in place to achieve your objectives.

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(75 + Years)

You have entered the final stage of life and want to ensure that your wishes are met in the case you may require aged care and that your remaining assets are distributed to the people you love.

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Our Approach

What To Expect

Expect a different approach – one that begins with you and the life you want to lead. We won't pretend to know what's right for you without really getting to know you and the life you want to lead. It's only then, that we can create a financial plan that will help you achieve your life goals and ambitions

Personalised Approach

Our team is friendly, enthusiastic and is always striving to deliver exceptional outcomes. Our experienced advisers are committed to ensuring you are properly understood and are all about giving you added confidence by having a specific plan to follow – managing finances shouldn’t be stressful!

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Investment Philosophy

Profusion Planning’s investment philosophy is to ensure the portfolios constructed for our clients are closely aligned to the objectives of the individual. While this sounds simple, it is quite different to how portfolios have traditionally been designed within the financial services industry. This is because, most superannuation and investment providers, offer investment options that are linked to a risk category (ie. Defensive through to High Growth). This method is based on a split between defensive and growth assets, however has no real connection to the goals an individual has, nor the time at which they might need funds. It is for this reason that Profusion Planning uses an Outcome-based Investment approach.

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Goal Based Advice

Ever since Profusion Planning was founded by Stephen and Brad in 2009, the core premise of our advice has been linked to the goals of our clients. This is reflected in our process that has been custom built to ensure we capture everything that is important to you

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Family & Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of working out how best to look after your affairs both when you are alive and when you pass away. Having a detailed estate plan is important because it helps to ensure people you trust look after you in the event you lose capacity to make decisions for yourself and will also provide clarity about distribution of your assets, care of your dependents, control of your home and business as well as help minimise risks such as those who might challenge your estate.

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GESB West State and Gold State offer a number of benefits that you may not be able to access through other superannuation funds.

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