1. If I could have any job I’d be a Pro golfer
  2. Best career advice – Hard work beats talent
  3. The three qualities that got me where I am today – Work ethic, empathy, determination
  4. The kind of work I’d do for free – Animal welfare
  5. Change I’d like to see in the world – People not taking themselves too seriously
  6. Who I admire and why – Parents for their caring and selfless attitude
  7. Last thing I binged watched – Power
  8. Book that left an impression on me – Shantaram
  9. Movie that left an impression on me – Schindler’s List
  10. On my bucket list – Playing up front for Chelsea Football Club
  11. Cocktail of choice – Not much of a cocktail man – But espresso martini if I had to choose!
  12. My perfect day would begin – A sleep in past 8.00am (I have a 10 month at home)
  13. My perfect day would end with – Watching Chelsea Football Club with a cup of tea and 2 squares of Lindt Chocolate Intense
  14. What every person should try once in their lifetime – Spend time with Brad Dudumas
  15. One thing I’m exceptionally good at – Ping Pong
  16. One thing I’m exceptionally bad at – Maintaining the thickness of my hair
  17. Advice I’d give to my younger self – Live outside of Perth for 12 months
  18. Three words to describe Profusion Planning –  Progressive, Caring and Challenging