If you ever get the chance to visit Yanchep Lavender Farm, just north of Perth, do! Ask for Karla! Karla and her husband Gary have embarked on a dream and Karla is one of those people that will always make you smile. Thanks, Karla for your time; you really do make us all smile!

Have you ever dreamt of owning a lavender farm? Nor had Karla or Gary until they found their dream block of land and discovered one of the best crops to grow. Their journey has been a busy one but rewarding in the end.

1. What have you learnt about running a small business since you’ve had the lavender farm?

I have learnt that it is very time consuming and sometimes it is quite overwhelming all the little things that go on in the background. Especially when starting and getting together your product range, websites, label designs, banking details etc. etc.

2. What keeps you awake at night [business wise!]?

Getting my priorities in order of what the most important thing is to do next on the list.

3. What makes you smile about the business?

All the hard work and commitment paying off.

4. Yourself and Gary spent over 18 months preparing the farm and planting the lavender, that’s a long time until you saw a result. How did you manage that?

Having a dream and never giving up.

5. People can purchase products and gifts off your website — what are the top selling items? [mine would have to be the lavender bear!]?

The bears are popular but I would have to say the oils, All Natural Bushfire insect repellent (that really works) followed by Shampoo and Conditioner then soaps.

6. Did you know about all the health benefits of lavender before you started the farm?

No, not really, but we really appreciate the benefits now they are wonderful.

7. What advice would you give to others who are looking to take on a new project in their lives?

If you have a dream and believe in yourself then go get it!

8. How much value has Brad been able to bring to you and Gary [In terms of financials?]

Whilst we haven’t had the millions (yet) to take to Brad, it is always a highlight for Gary and I to go to see Brad. He is such a genuine and honest likeable guy. I have no doubt that in the future when we are 100 % up and running that Brad will have the most valuable advice to lead Gary and I into our self-funded retirement dream.

9. There are lots of hats to wear in running a business, which ones suit you and which ones suit Gary?

Uhmm, would have to say Jack and Jill of all trades. Gary and I work well as a team and always communicate with each other.

10. Some people can work with their partner and others can’t. How do you and Gary manage it?

I guess it is something we have done since we met in the mining industry (26 years ago). I am also still working a FIFO job, so we get a week’s break from each other. (Haha) Again, I think communication is a big part of it. Also having a laugh, not being too serious.

11. One year from now, how will the farm look? What changes will there be?

We have the approval to build our restaurant and shop facility, so very different. We will be establishing a walk through garden with fruits, herbs and anything we use, we will also have a range of ornamental lavenders that flower all year round so visitors can see and smell Lavenders when the main field is not flowering. That dream is a picture in my head of desires and end results, back to that priority list. All is achievable, to me the sky is the limit.

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