Andrew Fardon, owner of Off Road Equipment, Camper Trailer Warehouse, and Campfire Escapes is certainly a knowledgeable character! What he doesn’t know about camping and off-roading isn’t worth knowing!

We recently grabbed some of Andrew’s precious time to ask him to share with us, the top camping spots in Western Australia.

This is what he had to say:

Although these are personal choices, We have not had a complaint yet, and as most are extremely remote, it heightens the appeal.

Western Australia is one of the luckiest places as not only do we have spectacular places to go camping; it is also a safe place to go camping.

If you are after coastal camping, the D’Entrecasteaux National Park that spreads along the south coast is great. You can bush camp as well as have a great time driving some of the tracks along the cliffs and beaches. From big timber to coastal heath, it has the lot.

If it is remote travel with desert skies, then The Great Victoria Desert is a great place to start. As the largest desert in Australia, it covers a lot of what people want to experience in remote travel. Although the scenery is harsh, it is also very spectacular with the magnificent breakaway country, loads of different animals and waterholes that you can miss in a blink. This country is full of history from early explorers wanting to cross this land to the more modern that opened up this area for the launching of test bombs with the English.

If you are heading north and don’t mind a drive, there are spectacular beaches, and as you head inland, there are the awesome gorge experiences that you may want to experience.

You can take self-drive public trips such as Karajini or get on a Tagalong and experience places the public don’t go.

If you were looking for specific names, the list is long. It is best to pick the area that you wish to travel to and then start reading from there.

There are certain times of the year that are best to travel to these regions, and certain requirements where permits may be required as well as communication gear, so don’t go unprepared.

We are passionate about our state and all it has to offer so don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Andrew and his team can help you with any of your off-road adventures from stocking up your vehicle to taking you on guided bushfire camps. Andrew and his team are fantastic! You can check out his websites here [you’ll see that he’s a bit of a character!].

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Thanks Andrew for sharing some of your wisdom and experience, I know you have plenty more you can offer!