Brodie Martin

After working as a Financial Adviser with one of the big four banks, I joined the team at Profusion Planning. Working in a boutique financial planning business allows me to give my clients the type of advice they need; tailored to their own individual goals.
I have a genuine desire to make a positive difference to people’s lives and at Profusion Planning I can work with clients to achieve that.

I know that money plays a big part in my client’s everyday lives so together we create a financial plan that enables them to move forward with confidence and freedom.  At Profusion Planning we provide the security, comfort, education and confidence so that our clients can make informed lifestyle decisions.

I have a Commerce degree, majoring in marketing and management as well as a Diploma in Financial Services [financial planning]. I am an active member of the Association of Financial Advisers [AFA] and I play football for the Stirling Lions in the National Premier League [outside of work of course!].