Six Sensible Tips to Get You Healthier and Fitter During Winter!

Written by Laurie & Nicole from The Body Transformation Studio.

It’s during these cooler months of the year that a lot of Australians give up on their regular exercise routine in favour of staying in bed a bit longer in the mornings or spending more time on the couch in the evenings indulging in their favourite comfort foods. Sadly, this usually results in the dreaded winter weight-gain. Not only does this place unnecessary strain on your body, organs and health in general, it also makes it all that much more difficult to achieve your summer-shape-up goals when Spring rolls around. So, to help you avoid the typical mid-year weight gain and illness, here are my top tips to help you stay in great shape and health this Winter.

1) Create a sensible exercise routine and stick to it. Choose days and times to exercise that are going to be convenient. If Monday is always a hectic day for you, don’t schedule any exercise that day but rather aim to do some on Sunday and Tuesday when you know you won’t be as busy with work commitments. Plus, if you know, you won’t enjoy getting out of bed early when it’s cold and dark, consider changing your usual exercise time to midday or in the evening rather than early morning. Then, book in these exercise sessions like any other appointment. Add them to your calendar and be sure to plan all other appointments around them. And enlist a workout buddy or personal trainer to help you remain accountable. You are much more likely to exercise regularly if you know that someone is waiting for you.

2) Keep the comfort foods to a minimum. We’ve all got our favourite treat foods that make us feel good on a cold night after a busy day. But this is often the leading cause of Winter weight gain. Instead, experiment with new recipes of your favourite healthy foods and snacks as a substitute for when those cravings kick in. A quick Google search will provide you with hundreds of healthy winter recipe ideas.

3) Boost your immune system. A lot of people often get sick when the season changes which then prevents them from exercising regularly. To boost your immune system, be sure to keep up (or even increase) your intake of fruits and vegetables during Winter. And supplement your diet with extra Zinc as it has been clinically proven to boost immunity as well as to reduce the severity and length of those nasty cases of flu. And it’s a good idea to speak to your GP about getting the flu jab too.

4) Watch the alcohol intake. Again, it can be tempting to have a few extra glasses of wine on a cool evening. But those extra drinks are adding hundreds of extra calories (which are quickly converted to body fat) as well as placing excessive stress on your digestive system and liver. Also, keep in mind that alcohol consumption can dramatically increase your risk of serious illness such as cancer and heart disease. Do your best to limit alcohol to only a couple of nights each week and have no more than two standard drinks per night.

5) Include weights in your weekly exercise routine. Resistance training provides numerous benefits including improved strength, immunity, mobility, bone density, hormone levels, metabolic rate, mental health, sleep patterns and insulin sensitivity. All of these add up to make you a healthier, slimmer and happier individual with a lower risk of illness and disease. I recommend that you also enlist the help of a qualified fitness professional to ensure you perform resistance training safely and effectively.

6) Think long-term. It can be tempting to give up on your exercise and healthy eating regime completely during Winter, but it’s important to think of your health as a year-long project. So many people gain weight over Winter only to then panic when Spring rolls around. They then attempt to drop weight as quickly as possible by trying extreme diets, detoxes and unsafe exercise programs. All of these can negatively affect health and metabolism and therefore impede any potential long-term fat loss. So, avoid the yearly yo-yo and inevitable heartache by considering your health and fat-loss goals as a 12-month marathon, rather than a fair-weather sprint.

A big thank you to Laurie and Nicole for those tips, which we will all follow!

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