Domenic Cowdell has been a valued client of Profusion Planning for some time now, and as we do with all our clients, we discovered a few things about him –  especially what he gets up to when he’s not working! Lifesaver [both snow and surf], a fierce competitor and an all-round nice guy, we thought we’d share his story with you in this month’s newsletter. Thanks, Domenic for giving us an insight into your world and for all the marvellous work that you do out there! Thanks.

1. Where does your passion for sport come from?
No idea, neither of my parents were sporty, but from a young age, I was into sports of one sort or another.

2. You’ve been in Australia now for nearly six years. What do you think your family and friends back in the UK think about the world of life-saving [since there is nothing like it there!]?
They’re not surprised I guess, having gone off rock climbing after uni, then working the ski fields around the world for 20 years this is just another outdoor activity.

3. You are heavily involved in the NORTH Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club, and in fact, you are the Chair of Education. How important is education to the club?
The primary role of an SLSC is to provide rescue and 1st aid services to the community, and to do this you need training. All patrolling members must have qualifications such as the bronze medallion or 1st aid before they can patrol. They also need to do updates every year. We also run various additional courses such as Inflatable Rescue Boat Driver, Advanced Resuscitation, Jet Ski Driver, Spinal Management to upskill our members.

4. As a qualified lifesaver, there are many skills that you have. Have you ever been part of a rescue of any type?
I did a few in the mountains before getting to Perth, looking for people in avalanches, then I was involved in a resuscitation on the beach when a guy collapsed (Click here to read the story in The West Australian March 17th).

5. If someone wants to get involved with the sport, what would your advice be?
Get down to your local club and see what you can offer and what they can offer you. Apart from patrolling there are lots of other ways to get involved, there is the nippers section for 5 to 12 year olds where they learn various surf skills and do inter-club competition, for the older kids they can start specialising in a variety of sports from swimming and board paddling to beach sprinting or the 2km run. Then there is also the social aspect, helping out at events, running the bar, fundraising etc.

6. In a past life, you have been a ski instructor in Switzerland [sounds so glamorous!]. Would you recommend it?
Yes! Not that you will make any money, and you’ll generally be moving every six months.

7. What’s better, snow or surf?
Snow is generally more reliable in the winter, so if you can combine it with mountain biking, it probably takes the edge.

8. You are now working for Life Saving WA, congratulations. Does your office have a view of the surf?
Unfortunately not, though we do have cameras on several beaches which I can see.

9. What is your role and how does it help the broader community?
I provide education support to all the SLS clubs in WA. Mostly it’s about helping out if they are problems or are short of skills in a particular area, teaching new trainers and assessors, updating trainers on new procedures and providing new ideas on how to train.

10. You’ve been a client of Profusion Planning for a while now. How would you describe to someone else what it is that they do?
Keep my wife from worrying so much about the finances!