Sometimes throughout our lives we experience situations we never expected to happen to us; situations we never think we need to prepare for. Gaining advice, support and guidance from others can be a real relief during these times. Leanne is one of Brodie Martin’s valued clients. Leanne has a very personal story about the reasons she sought financial advice; it’s a story we wanted to share with you – perhaps you know someone similar to Leanne that may also benefit from our advice? We would like to thank Leanne for sharing her story and trust that it inspires others to also seek the right advice.

  1. In your view, what do you think the number one benefit has been of having Brodie as your financial adviser?

The main benefit of having Brodie as my financial advisor is the peace of mind of having an expert to manage my finances. As a friend said to me, “We don’t service our own cars or do our own plumbing, so we need an expert to assist us with our finances.”

  1. If you hadn’t started using a financial adviser a few years ago, how different do you think your financial situation may be today?

I think my financial situation would be inflexible and my money tied up where it was not so easily accessible and not being used to its full potential. I also think I would be worrying about the future a lot more.

  1. What made you seek financial advice?

My husband passed away in 2011 and I had no idea of how to pay a bill!! We had a home business and I was happy for him to do all the “nuts and bolts.” All big decisions were made together regarding investment and lending but he took care of things once those decisions were made. I gave no thought to my superannuation and now I realise how important it is!

I had a lot of help in the early days after his death, but after a couple of years I knew I had to take control. I didn’t really know how. I spoke to a friend who was in a similar situation to me and she said to try a financial advisor. At the time Brodie was working with the bank and this is where we started.

  1. If someone gave you $500 what would you do with it?

Hmm…that pair of shoes! No.. It would probably go into my credit card as I know that needs to be kept at zero to keep the high interest rates at bay.

  1. How do you explain to others the value that Brodie provides you?

I have realised finances are an extremely personal thing and people don’t necessarily like discussing them. I try to explain that by having things out in the open with someone like Brodie, it takes away the mystery and anxiety associated with financial decision making.

I also try to explain that there are options out there we may not have thought of that will help to ease the financial burden and that you may be in a better financial position than you thought, or things can be managed better in a way that suits you individually.

People have to remember that the advice someone like Brodie gives you may not suit you and that those things can be negotiated. That way the decisions are yours. But you have to be open to talking about things that initially you may not be comfortable with.

  1. How much more financially secure do you feel now that you have a financial adviser in place?

I feel much more secure and even though Brodie invests on my behalf all the advice is clearly laid out and ultimately the decisions are mine. So I feel more in control.

  1. What advice would you give to a ‘younger you’ about money and saving for the future?

To start small, never over capitalise and keep debt to a minimum. To have control of your finances, to make informed decisions regarding superannuation, cash expenditure, share portfolios and property investment. But also to live for the “now” and enjoy the benefits of good financial management.