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As a recognised specialist GESB advice business we understand the unique nature of GESB and the opportunities available to GESB members.  Get our FREE Report today to discover eight ways to help you improve your savings through GESB.

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    Brodie Martin, Financial Adviser and GESB Specialist

    As Profusion Planning’s GESB Specialist, I can help you maximise the unique benefits and opportunities available through your GESB Gold State and West State Superannuation funds.  

    Benefits of working with an experienced Profusion Planning GESB Specialist:

    • Gain peace of mind that your financial future is secure from a qualified and experienced financial advice and support team.
    • Boost your GESB super balance with tax effective strategies.
    • Receive a tailor-made financial plan.
    • Receive unbiased direction, support and decision making.
    • Gain confidence knowing that you have a team of qualified and experienced financial advisers that have your interest at heart.

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