Warren and Barbara are valued clients of Profusion Planning and during one of their regular meetings with us shared their recent travel story. We were so inspired ourselves that we asked if we could share their adventures with you too! If you are looking for your next travel adventure or enjoy reading about others, we think you’ll enjoy this short article.

Thanks, Warren and Barbara!


  • What takes you to Canada so many times?

After meeting some exchange students who were studying in Perth, our son went to Canada for a six-month working holiday.  Prior to returning home, he met Kate, and it was almost 10 years before we saw him in Australia again!  Now with three grandchildren we try and see them as regularly as we can, and at the same time try and see a different part of the country as well.

  • You’ve recently been on what many would call a trip of a lifetime? Where did you go?

We went to the Polar Bear capital of the world, Churchill Manitoba which lies on the western shore of Hudson Bay approximately 1,000 kilometres north of Winnipeg, in the hope of seeing some of the famous bears. 

  • How did you know to visit this place?

Warren loves to travel by train when he can and was taken by the Winnipeg to Churchill link.  Unfortunately, the previous thaw had washed out a large part of the last section so did not think too much more about it.  In the meantime, he kept going back to reading about Churchill and discovered Lazy Bear Adventures.  The rest is history.

  • You mentioned that the average temperature was minus 35, what’s that like?

Bitterly cold, therefore many layers of clothing are required, the cold was low in humidity so was more bearable, even though it was snowing a lot. In two days we witnessed the bay go from some ice on the water to freezing over.

  • Were the weather conditions normal for that time of year?

Normal for autumn as we were there in early November, but it gets much colder in winter.

  • I suspect there were many highlights but if you had to list your top three what would they be?

The Tundra Crawler (a super-sized bus with extra-large tyres) out on the tundra trying to find Polar Bears and other creatures.  As everything was white you had to look hard to find things, but once discovered they were easy to see.  In fact, we saw two different pairs of polar bears play fighting with each other on the first day.

Fast dog sledging at night behind a team of very enthusiastic dogs.  Cold but exciting.

Seeing an inquisitive arctic fox come up to the crawler.  (No wonder their fur used to be so popular in days gone by).

  • What was the accommodation like?

Excellent, clean, warm and comfortable rooms with ensuite in a rustic log cabin style.  An excellent restaurant within the lodge too, which is open all day from early breakfast to late dinner.

  • How did you book the trip? Through an agent or direct yourselves?

Booked online directly with Lazy Bear Expeditions in Winnipeg, who organised the whole thing for us as a complete package.  www.lazybearlodge.com There were 24 people in our group (The Arctic Hares) who were picked up in Winnipeg prior to flying to Churchill and returned to Winnipeg at the end.

  • If people are looking for somewhere different to visit in Canada, would you recommend this area?

If you are happy to endure the weather outside at this time of year, as you have to traverse to and from the transport several times each day, then we would have no hesitation in recommending this tour.  We are both in our seventies and had no difficulty in keeping up and being involved in all of the offered activities.  They also have a summer season, Arctic Summer Adventure, looking for beluga whales, kayaking, and generally having fun.

  • Are there any other travel tips you can recommend? 

As with any travel, do your homework, check the reviews, before you decide.

This was, without doubt, a most wonderful adventure, which will be remembered fondly for many years to come.