Market Update

News regarding market volatility and the position of the world governments has flooded the media over the last week. Thursday night saw the most significant decline in global equity markets since February 2009. We wanted to provide clarity surrounding what this means to the markets in the short and long term.

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Transition to Retirement

Transition to Retirement Pensions: What are they? Transition to retirement refers to a strategy where those that have met their preservation age use their superannuation to draw an income (called a non-commutable pension), whilst at the same time boosting their superannuation through salary sacrifice. It was introduced by the Australian Government in July 2005 to encourage its workforce to remain working for longer.

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Hope for the best, insure for the worst

Hope for the best insure for the worst: A recent article in The Australian by James Dunn highlights that many Australians are still under-insured, particularly with regards to life insurance. Given the financial stress that can be created through under-insurance, we encourage everyone to review their own personal circumstances to ensure their family is appropriately covered. Key points highlighted in the article include: Only 5% of Australians with dependent children have “adequate levels”...

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End of Financial Year Planning Tips

With June 30 fast approaching you should consider whether any of the below strategies are appropriate for you: Concessional Contributions There are limits on the level of concessional contributions that can be made each year. The current limit is $25,000 unless you’re 50 or older, in which case your limit is $50,000. Amounts contributed above these limits will be taxed at an additional 31.5% and will count towards your non-concessional contribution limits

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