A good time to review your insurance

Not a year goes by without some part of Australia being devastated by a natural disaster. Bushfires, floods, storms and tropical cyclones are a part of our lives. Unfortunately no one knows when or where the next disaster might strike so it’s impossible to prepare for an exact event. As another summer approaches, this is a good time to review your insurance cover to ensure your financial possessions are protected, as well as the security of you and your loved ones.

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Nine Rules for Investors to Keep In Mind

Key Points Investing during times of market stress and volatility can be difficult. For this reason it’s useful for investors to keep a key set of things – call them rules – in mind. The key rules, in my view, are: make the most of the power of compound interest; be aware that there is always a cycle; invest for the long term; diversify; turn down the noise; buy low and sell high; beware of the crowd at extremes; focus on investments offering a sustainable cash flow; and seek advice. ...

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Life is Bliss!

Rod and Chris have been long-term clients of Profusion Planning and having retired nearly five years ago they are certainly living ‘the dream’. We sat down with them to understand what ‘living the dream’ means and to find out about retirement. Thank you Rod and Chris for sharing your story. 1. What is your favourite holiday destination and why? We thoroughly enjoy visiting and feel at home in South East Asian countries; however, our favourite holiday destination is the small-unknown...

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Laughing your way to good health

If you hate sayings like “laughter is the best medicine”, it’s time to lighten up because aside from being true, it shows that you’ve lost your sense of humour! It is said that six-year-olds laugh on average 300 times per day but by the time we reach adulthood we’ve reduced our daily giggles to just 15… if we’re lucky! So what? you might ask, what’s there to laugh at? Well, it’s not just a case of what there is to laugh at, but what happens when we forget to laugh. Basically,...

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