The rewards of dividends

When share market volatility rises, more investors would make the mistake of concentrating too much on short-term movements in share prices. Yet investors should never overlook that share-market returns are from both capital growth and dividends. Historically, dividends have made up a large proportion of the total returns from Australian shares. Post-GFC dividend rewards An illustration of how much dividends can contribute to total share returns is the performance of the Australian share...

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Welcome to your 100 day plan for getting more done

By Flying Solo contributor Andrew Griffiths One of the most common challenges facing many of us in business is getting stuff done. It feels like there are more tasks continually being added to our day, resulting in working more hours. And when it comes to those bigger projects that are really important to us, the time lines seem to keep getting moved, leading to a sense of frustration and a lack of progress. What to do? This year I’ve adopted a new approach that is working really well for me....

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Federal Budget 2019

Federal-Budget 2019

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When super isn't compulsory

As Australia’s $2.8-trillion super system attracts even more headlines than usual, more people may mistakenly assume that almost everyone in the workforce is covered by at least compulsory contributions. In reality, the position is far different. A research paper* from the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) reminds us that a “substantial proportion” of Australia’s workforce is self-employed and therefore does not receive superannuation guarantee (SG) contributions....

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